For mining and minerals industry to run profitably, all kinds of materials must be moved around quickly and effectively. This can take many forms: lift building components into position, for instance, or haul waste materials away. Staff also need to move efficiently from place to place. The equipment to do this, including cranes and conveyors, has many moving parts, which are prone to wearing and potential failure. Our extensive range of bearings, seals and lubricants, and services such as asset management, help to overcome these problems, to raise both productivity and reliability.

Belt conveyors are the most common type of powered conveyor because they are the most versatile and the least expensive. They are a familiar sight in everyday life, found everywhere from supermarkets to airports, but also an indispensable part of industrial materials handling. They can transport products, of various shapes, sizes, and weights, in a straight line, or through changes in elevation or direction.

Belt conveyors can be required to work in punishing environments, including coal mines and cement works. For this reason, they must use robust, reliable components, and ideally use condition monitoring. Our solutions include sealed bearings, housings, and lubrication systems that prevent ingress, as well as maintenance solutions that monitor component conditions.

Coal, iron ore, and concrete are just some of the materials that conveyor operators must move efficiently. For this, they require robust conveyor systems that work effectively and reliably and resist failure under challenging conditions.

CHIN SING's expertise in rotating machinery and components, such as bearings and self-locking nuts, that underpin it, can extend lifetimes, and reduce failure and downtime. Correct lubrication keeps parts running smoothly; sealing solutions prevent the ingress of contamination, and condition monitoring services spot early signs of failure before they become serious. These technologies are applied to many relevant applications, including pulleys, idlers, gearboxes, and chains.

Both our mining and minerals solutions and our expertise can help to maintain equipment safely and efficiently.