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Reliable Adapter Sleeve Supplier

CHIN SING Precision is a professional adapter sleeve manufacturer in Taiwan. We offer all the bearing accessories solutions. Not only adapter sleeves but also bearing adapter sleeves, hydraulic adapter sleeves, withdrawal sleeves, hydraulic sleevesbearing lock nutslock washers, lock plates, and hook wrench you can find here.

What Is an Adapter Sleeves?

The adapter sleeve is the most often used component for locating bearings with a tapered bore onto a cylindrical seating, as they can be used on smooth or stepped shafts. Its design purpose is to facilitate the installation and disassembly, improve efficiency, stable speed performance, and reduce the maintenance cost of the machine.

Benefits of Adapter Sleeves

Bearing adapter sleeves are manufactured on CNC machines ensuring repetitive accuracy, excellent aesthetic look, and mass production. The adapter sleeve features an easy-to-mount and requires no additional location on the shaft. When used on smooth shafts, the bearing can be located at any position on the shaft. When used on stepped shafts together with a stepped ring, bearings can be accurately positioned axially, and bearing dismounting is also facilitated.

Why You Should Choose CHIN SING Adapter Sleeves?

CHIN SING’s adapter sleeve has good self-locking properties and is also used in heavy-duty transmission or anti-shock vibration applications. Adapter sleeves and withdrawal sleeves are widely applied in the steel industry, Pulp and paper industry, mining industry, and cement industry. CHIN SING adapter sleeve manufacturer provides sleeves with standard specifications and in customized specifications according to customers' requirements. We produce standard-design adapter sleeves as well as oil hole that comes with threaded connection and oil distribution groove on the outside surface of sleeves. Contact us for more adapter sleeve info!