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CHIN SING lock washer series products include metric lock washer & US size inch lock washer.

In order to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and maintain a high level of quality control, our company had invested a considerable amount of capital into the precise manufacturing facilities. In addition, from raw material cutting to product production, all procedures of manufacturing have been supervised restrictively and being done in our company. For the past 31 years, our company has been supported by strong suppliers and powerful customers. Our company policy is “Customer satisfaction is always our first priority", punctual delivery and excellent quality are what we pay attention to the most.

Our fast, flexible industrial production lines are organized and managed according to CNC criteria. The daily machine load is optimized by means of dedicated production scheduling, planning, and monitoring software programs, real-time information, such as coordinate measuring machine, deflection tester, surface-roughness measurement, and height gauge. Control of the production proceeding process makes it possible to precisely map the outcoming quantities from each machining center. The final assembly, technical testing, and packing phases enable us to deliver our customers an excellent product with impeccable, punctual, top quality service.