We have a great R&D team ready to support you whenever needed. From design to manufacturing, we offer OEM/ODM product development. Our manufacturing is trusted by world-renowned bearing giants, making us the industry's premier outsourcing choice. Integrate excellently ensure that all collaborations are professional and smooth. Chin Sing Precision makes your products stand out.


Process of Product Development and Design

  • Market Research

    We are active in the market, proficient in easily understanding customer needs, adept at analyzing development advantages, and skilled in strategizing the direction of research.

  • Feasibility assessment

    Drawing on over 30 years of technical expertise, assess the feasibility of the case and allocate resources sensibly.

  • Functional Design and Validation

    Design user-centric features and validate the product's user experience.

  • Mold Development

    Develop molds or fixtures to achieve production efficiency.

  • Mass Production Testing

    Aiming for automated mass production, conduct batch testing to optimize the mass production process.

  • Product Submission

    Complete the development process and transfer product specifications, ensuring a smooth transition for customer usage.