In this fast-moving world, the paper industry has been improving itself by enhancing the pace and coverage width of paper-making machines in order to boost their productivity level. Elimination of costly lubrication maintenance, environmental concerns, and ease of changeout makes our power transmission products a great choice for increased uptime and higher ROI. Our high-efficiency severe duty motors and drives lower life cycle costs, increasing system performance, and decreasing payback periods.

Present trends in the papermaking industry indicate continuing increases in output, necessitating larger machines working at higher speeds. Therefore, the bearings and bearing adapter sleeves must be able to stand up to these increased loads and speeds, i.e., reach long servicing and maintenance requirements to a minimum. From the debarking drums to the reeler at the end of a paper machine, the pulp and paper industry relies on process-critical machinery, often operates under demanding conditions that can shorten the service life of bearings.

To stay productive and profitable, pulp and paper making companies need to focus on selecting the appropriate bearings, which need to be mounted properly, lubricated, and carefully monitored and maintained to provide maximum machine availability.

High production of the bearings used in papermaking machinery consists of spherical roller bearings of standard design. Their ability to accommodate considerable radial loads in combination with axial loads makes bearings and bearing adapter sleeves very suitable for supporting the locating side, of the various rolls and cylinders of paper machines.

This bearing arrangement accommodates both misalignment and axial displacement internally without frictional resistance and possibility of generation internal axial forces in the bearing system. We know reliability is critical, and CHIN SING combines deep industry knowledge and a wide range of products and services for applications, machine sections, and machines that can help increase efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.